ZOOBUG London announces six new rubber styles in its core Rubber Flex Active ophthalmic collection. A new launch into the ZOOBUG collections in 2016, the distinctive hi-tech rubber material combines a comfortable fitting and excellent wearability for kids who are always on the go.

Special features unique to the Zoobug rubber frames include innovative flex hinges and the versatile earlocks which make it possible to adjust end tips to sit correctly behind the child’s ear.

The frames have a one-piece construction and are free from metal parts. The material has been carefully studied to ensure it keeps its form and sufficient stiffness so lenses don’t pop out when handled by the child.

The soft finish of the material is pleasant as well as hypoallergenic and kids tend to be attracted to it immediately when trying on new glasses.

Zoobug had brought its colour expertise to the collection once again with some exciting bright tonal choices – primary reds, blues and greens as well as luscious fuchsia and lilac (ZB1022 and ZB1023). For the older age, group a new black choice has been added (ZB1024) – trendy and smart, the perfect specs statement with a reference to the classics.

“As well as focusing on a great fit in a very high-grade rubber material with unique features, our rubber Flex Active range is for kids who love fashion and want a frame that perfectly coordinates with their look,” says Dr Julie Diem Le, Director of ZOOBUG. “Rather than hiding behind their specs, the child can feel confident and self-assured.”

Zoobug in PInk
Zoobug in Black


The first specialist kids eyewear company, Dr Julie Diem Le founded Zoobug in 2006 motivated to create safe sunglasses for all children, with effective protection from ultra violet light, excellent, trend-setting design and comfort for infants and children – essentially, an innovative idea to have adult standards of protection in beautifully designed children’s sunglasses. The brand has won numerous awards including the most prestigious international industry award – the Silmo d’Or and the British Junior Design Award for Best Travel Product for Children (2015). Zoobug donates unused frames to ORBIS for their sight-saving programmes which provide access to quality eyecare for adults and kids around the world

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