Do want Zen in daily life? If it means a pair of these funky rounded eyeglasses I’ll say YES! Zen Eyewear’s Style Z371 bears sophistication and intellect, and is also modern and hip with its unique “double bar” at the brow bridge.  As an added bonus, this winning frame comes in an array of colors, so the styling options are truly endless.  This chocolate tone would be a good first start.

Zen Barcelona in Brown
Style z371

When feeling restless, you know “a closet full of clothes, and nothing to wear”-syndrome, grab these red toned eyeglasses and watch your style step its game up in a snap.

Zen Barcelona in Red

This version of Zen eyewear’s hit making frame features a kaleidoscope of colors including blue, brown, and gold.  A color combination such as this emulates the luxury of a true tortoise shell at a very small fraction of the price.

Zen Barcelona in Multi Blue

The brown and gold eyeglasses seen below are reminiscent of a classic tortoise print combination.  The neutral tone of these frames will prove a versatile match for not only different outfits and accessories, but with just about any skin tone and hair color, as well.

Zen Barcelona in Tortoise

It’s pretty amazing to see how all the tones of Zen Eyewear’s Style Z371 frames look so different from one another.  I’d say the boldest and the baddest option is this electric blue pair.  The stunning blue tone is an easy way to make a statement and bring out the iris of one’s eye.  The two decals at the temple make this style an overall charmer that is great for everyday wear.

Zen Barcelona in Sapphire

Via Kingdom Eyewear


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