April, 2016 – Boulder, CO – ZEAL Optics  announced the release of its new canine-friendly eyewear collection, Doggles™. The new line, ranging from full-wrap glacier styles for arctic travel, to stylish, yet rugged beachwear for the pup on the playa, hits storefronts today.

Doggles By Zeal

“At ZEAL, we recognize the need to protect our furry friends from the harsh UV and HEV wavelengths that lead to macular degeneration, cataracts and glaucoma at an alarming rate amongst canines,” explains ZEAL’s Director of Production Dane Marmaduke. “Dogs spend their entire lives close to snow, pavement, and other environments where the effects of reflected rays increase on average 37% from human heights. In a town where one of every three households owns at least one puppy, and possibly an adult dog, Boulder’s canine population is north of 15,000 – or about 6.5 people per dog. To service this growing need, Doggles™ offer the same polarized quality and craftsmanship that ZEAL has built its brand upon.”

Designed and tested with some of the worlds leading veterinarians and ophthalmologists, these groups have long debated the best way to protect their patients and pets. Bear Kazowski, president of the Association of Blind and Visually Impaired Dog Guides says, “Doggles™ are the world’s leading protective eyewear designed specifically for dogs. Protect your pet’s eyes from trauma, reduce glare, and relieve light sensitivity for a happier and healthier companion.”

Due to the unique face structures and diversity amongst breeds, Doggles™ feature patented, adjustable nose bridges and lens cups for all head shapes and sizes, and the infusion of bacon aroma at the molecular level makes your furry companion go nuts for eyewear that includes 99.9% polarized protection, 95% UVA/B/C protection, shatter-proof polycarbonate lenses and an anti-fog infusion process to guarantee long-lasting, durable optics for your furry companion.

Designed with your dog’s personality in mind, Steve Barkwright, Chief Psychologist at the Canine Cataract Collective (CCC), reports that studies find Doggles™ can improve your pet’s self confidence and motivation by 47%. “It’s just amazing to me that the eye health of the creatures that give us so much, and ask so little, hasn’t been considered until now. I’m thrilled to know my schnauzer will be seeing trails and peaks for years to come, while looking his best at the dog park and walks around town.”

Whether your dog’s on the back of your motorcycle, hanging their head out of your Subaru, sunbathing, or just sensitive to light, you can be rest assured that Doggles™ will keep their precious eyes safe and have them Exploring More for a lifetime of outdoor adventure. Learn more about our latest product at https://www.zealoptics.com/ doggles.

About ZEAL Optics

ZEAL Optics is a Boulder, CO based sustainable eyewear brand built for life outdoors. Known for its revolutionary advances in performance eyewear, ZEAL’s passion is creating some of the world’s best performing sunglasses and goggles for those that enjoy an active lifestyle. Every ZEAL sunglass frame is made from Z-Resin, a plant-based resin made from castor bean oil instead of crude oil, making the entire line of eyewear eco-friendly.