Funds provided by Optometry Giving Sight have now helped to screen more than 200,000 adults and another 245,000 children in South Africa since 2007; and there has been a 500% increase in the number of eye care services that are now available in KwaZulu Natal Province.

In addition:

  • 800 mid level eye care personnel have been trained
  • Private Practices optometrists have been encouraged to work in district health systmes
  • More than 80 community eye health centres and eye clinics have been established to provide vision care for disadvantaged people
  • 14 eye clinics have been established within district hospitals
  • 1 Optical workshop has been established and 1 Optical technican trained to staff
  • 56,555 pairs of glasses have been dispensed to adults
  • 4,324 pairs of glasses have been dispensed to children
  • 352 low vision devices have been dispensed people who need them.

Importantly, national and regional governments have added eye care to their budgets and public health agendas, and they are using the models being developed by ICEE and their project partners to ensure access for all people to sustainable and affordable vision care services.

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