The Coachella Arts & Music Festival is kicking off which means a subset of performers, artists, celebrity guests, and festival goers alike are premeditating their looks that will hopefully set them apart from the other 100,000 people that will surround them.  The festival is held over two weekends in Indio, CA. and has served as a street-style fashion parade as much as it has a concert.

Sky Ture 1

The desert festival that is Coachella by default will be hot and dusty, and if you go you can expect to get a bit dirty (So Daniel, please leave your white Vans at home).  More importantly, you’ll probably want to protect your eyes from said dust and the harmful UV rays that will be beating down while the beat drops for much of the concert is held during the day.  The colorful SkyTrues line offers artistic sunglasses that will serve every purpose.

Sky Trues 3

Each pair of SkyTrues was skillfully crafted by artistic George GoldenBoy Phelps, and because these are custom ordered, many of them are not yet even made! A GoldenBoy the SkyTrues designer is indeed, he paints every pair by hand.  Warning: Do not be stuck wearing the same RayBan (or knock off) aviator or wayfarer style of shades – they are tired!  On the other hand, these custom sunglasses are the epitome of cool.

Sky Trues 2

Even if you aren’t attending Coachella this year, or any year, you can still be a rock star in your own right when you wear a pair of SkyTrues glasses.  In the cookie-cutter world, these frames make a bold statement and will serve as a source of great inspiration.