The rave scene was born in the early 1990s and never really seemed to go away.  Though the music and fashion has changed the idea of free-spirits dancing all night to electronic music has stayed the same. This international dance phenomenon gets a major shout out from the French Fashion House Givenchy with this luxurious line of retro-raver eyewear.Givenchy Sunglasses 1Givenchy eyewear modernizes an old-time favored rave look with these high-end goggle style wrap around sunglasses. They are sporty enough to wear all night with comfort and ease! Let’s hope the dancing queens chose equally comfortable shoes so the party never stops.  The fiery red tone of these frames proves as boundless as the club kids who wear them.Givenchy SunsThe goggle look in eyewear, much like raves themselves, has gone through many transitions. We saw a huge resurgence in goggle-wear in the underground club scene of the 1990s.  The irony here being that goggles were originally deemed “protective eyewear” best suited for the elements, were now being worn all night as statement pieces at dance parties.Givenchy SunwearAll that glitters may not be gold, but the illustrious gold tone of the Givenchy sunglasses here is pretty close! The opulent tone of the frame is juxtaposed with hardware that it perfectly fitting for the industrial electronic music synonymous with rave culture.


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