The phrase “History repeats itself” is pretty self explanatory, right? That must be why in the 21st century, where we watch movies that have CGI animation, play video games that are virtually 3-dimensional, and even our tablets have retina displays, that someone said “Hey, Let’s bring back the pixelated look”.  When the Future is NOW you are obviously impressed by whatever the current technological climate may be.  I think it was the Atari and Nintendo era that inspired these pixelated sunglasses.  By wearing them you can feel like the third Mario Brother who happens to have some really sweat shades.  If you were born after the 1995 you may not experience the nostalgia these glasses bring, but that doesn’t mean you can’t appreciate them.  And so repeats the pixelated look in eyewear, but this time as choice rather than an obsolete.


Via Gizmodo and CNC Design