Tura Eyewear has had an illustrious 75 year old history. Awhile ago we did a history of Tura from the 1940’s, and although we had featured Tura and Christian Dior, we had no clue about Tura and Peter Max collaboration in the 1970’s.  This is very rare find and unfortunately this boxed set was sold in 2012 for over $7,000. The box set was most likely for an optical shop holding 4 fashion tinted shields with a classic Peter Max artwork across the top.

peter- max set 1
Sold for $7084.000 in 2012

peter-max set

Peter Max Eyewear
Peter Max art
U.S. postage stamp, featuring artwork by Peter Max, that commemorated Expo ’74.



  1. We have 21 never sold (new) Peter Max eye glasses mutli-color metals (children to adult) by Tura with a child’s original 8-piece display (see picture 20130611) and a Peter Max silk scarf

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