Jeremy Scott NuWave Eyewear is not for the timid – you perhaps even require a bit of a sinister side to sport such an out of this world style. Another great collar with eyewear company extraordinaire Linda Farrow, these designs look like they were taken straight out of an intergalactic thriller of sorts. Options of both solid colors and bold prints let each cyborg or cyborgette reach his or her fullest expression.


Mint green is favorite tone season after season as it always comes off as fresh and fun.  Lets try stray from the notion of cuteness the color brings (and perhaps even your love of mint chip ice cream) when evaluating this fierce goggle design.  In stead let the swerving lens shape and exaggerated frame spring the color into a new world order of eyewear.


The solid orange tone of these wrap around shades hits with a blaze of glory!  As your can see from this angle, the NuWave shades have quite the wing span.  This style has curves in all the right places making for a multi dimensional look that is light years ahead of its time.


The solid NuWave sunglasses are futuristic and mysterious but these red splatter printed shades are downright EVIL. We don’t know how Jeremy Scott manages to come up with wild never before styles time after time, but he does every time! So when you want something dark and intriguing these are the pair of sunnies to sport.


A bit more light hearted, but still extremely edgy, are the neon green animal print version that is this masterpiece.  These ubercool shades are what you get when you mix The Amazon with the 1980s and the Matrix then pulse it in a high-speed, high-fashion, and high-end blender.  Voila! The NuWave Shades are Born…. To be Wild!

Via Linda Farrow