I have been watching Jackie Anderson jeweler and eyewear designer for a few years.  Her latest eyewear inceptions take heart from landscapes. You can see deer, skylines and sunsets in her unique imaginary. As she says:

‘The design process and the evolution of 20th century art and design have long inspired me to incorporate areas of our visual culture in my work.  Working from elements of our urban landscape, particularly architecture, structural design and commercial signage, and away from the connotations of traditional precious jewelry, I developed multimedia pieces in the form of miniature structures.  From this a wearable piece of Jewellery could be removed.  Another series grew out of the visual culture both literally and figuratively. I focused on pieces using parts of, making reference to and the actual making of eyewear.  Having worn glasses most of my life, I recognize that they are a major part of how a person is viewed, and how an individual views the world.’





Jackie Anderson

Image Credits; Influx Jewellery 


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