An old optician friend of mine Phil Harris (Eyes on Fifth)  has an optician  David Keith who spent 2 years creating eyewear from old vinyl records.  David Keith is 1 of 3 opticians in the entire world- that is crafting unique reclaimed eyewear from old LP’s. That makes him Spexy Special. David Keith’s idea came from Phil, who challenged him to do this. After  a two year trial he has finally achieved a perfect mix of eco-friendly fashionable, unique and custom eyewear called SpexWax for the discerning patient.

Patricia Macado from Augen Optical, modeling A Vinyl Record Heart Shaped and earring sunglass

They are in San Diego, so I got the visit the ‘Showroom ‘at Eyes on Fifth.  The above is Patricia Machado from Augen Optics (another local San Diego lens company) It takes up to 6 weeks to make a single pair of glasses, the process is hush-hush. David finds his vinyl records at flea markets and friends have given him their old records for him to reuse. In some cases, people have special ordered eyewear and given him their favorite records to be immortalized forever.

For eyecare professionals and consumers he has the website set up into printable templates, so you can custom order the shape you want.

These pictures do not do the eyewear justice.. You can not see the tracks, the layers and the gleam from the vinyl.

I just want to say this, I really admire not just the product, the dedication, the patience to make this. Kudos to to David Keith for recycling and reusing products that might otherwise go in the trash.



  1. I believe all those 3 opticians you mentioned are copying Vinylize, the company who started making vinyl glasses back in 2004.

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