We thought we would travel south of the border, toward the south pole to post about an amazing eco friendly wood eyewear line called Karun Shades. This came to our attention because the packaging received an award and not only is the packaging fabulous, the sunglasses.. and the story of the sunglasses are phenomenal.



The eyewear is made with native wood from the Chilean Patagonia and southern Chile. The best part, the wood is all FSC certified wood, which mean the wood is sustainably grown and harvested. All wood is from Chile- lowering their Carbon footprint and supporting local economy.

The cases are all woven by Mapuche weavers using all natural dyes from Larch Australia acacia, pellin oak, onion, eucalptus, soot, muermo, ligue peel, clayey mud, nalca, quintral, sheep wood to name a few.

The site Karun Shades is in English.. take a few minutes to visit, you will be impressed.

Etnia 619 Mid Page


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