Your eyes are the most important part of your body. Keep them safe! Keep them in Eye-Cuffs™ reads the tagline from  Procchiali Eyewear Studio. Eye Cuffs, who would have thought of that! These fascinating frames are one in a million. Made with shackles, they open up for lens insertion and include a key! The temples and bridge are chains, so you can really get the hand cuff experience.

Eye Cuffs 1

Eye Cuffs 2

Shackles Shades jpg

Shackles Shades in Pink

Shackles Shades in Green

Many thoughts come to mind when I see them…. What do you think?

Available in Stainless steel and pink bunny fur, which would seem to be more comfortable.

Via Procchiali Eyewear Studio 


  1. Hi Ira,
    I think it would work, cause it allows various locking positions. the diameter is smaller though, so it wont be very comfortable to use it on your hands. But then again, why would you…

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