One menswear designer I always look forward to seeing is Walter Van Beirendonck. It is not just the clothing which are definite statements, I love the eyewear. Walter Van Beirendonck is not afraid to take a risk, he is not afraid of color and shapes and he is not afraid to add a political note into his clothing.  When we heard that Walter Van Beirendonck with Fakoshima (Fak By Fak eyewear ) was creating the eyewear for Spring Summer 2017, we just couldn’t wait to see the results.

Walter x FakbyFack

The runway show was titled Why is A Raven Like A Writing Desk? Personally, I have no idea, because when I think of Ravens and Writing, Edgar Allan Poe comes  to mind. Quoth the Raven… Nevermore. Probably the theme is more existential -are artistic than I can figure out.. .Who cares.. what we know.. we love this and want a pair.