This qualifies as one of the most expensive eyewear in the world. Linda Farrow teams up with Bespoke Luxury Website, selling their worldwide most exclusive sunglasses at EUR 25,000. The diamond sunglasses are made from solid 18 carat gold and accessorised with brilliant cut diamonds, rubies or sapphires.


Key of Aurora launches with the Linda Farrow Fine Jewellery Collection on the 23rd of January.

Offering a bespoke service with handcrafted eyewear created by highly skilled craftsmen in Germany, the diamond sunglasses are made from solid 18 carat gold and accessorised with brilliant cut white, black, pink or yellow diamonds, rubies or sapphires, making it the most exclusive sunglasses in the world.


With a few clicks on, the customer can choose from a variety of lens-colours, which can be plated in 24 carat gold, platinum and 18 carat rose gold to create one-of-a-kind piece of eyewear. Each purchase additionally allows the customer to experience an exclusive “meet the brand” experience in London co-organised by both companies.

Simon Jablon and Tracy Sedino from Linda Farrow say: “Getting into the bespoke market was all about offering the most exclusive tailored product and push the boundaries of eyewear even further than with our Linda Farrow collection.”


With Linda Farrow, Key of Aurora goes one step further in real-life storytelling offering an inclusive “meet the brand” experience and a one night-stay at the luxury hotel Brown’s in London, Mayfair.

Key of Aurora offers added value to customers letting people experience the brand and discover the quality of the product as far as possible online. In-depth storytelling and beautiful Macro Imagery on the site are just a few tools they use.

The offering:
• A 1 NIGHT-STAY IN LONDON: Gift Voucher to stay at the luxury Hotel Brown’s in London, Mayfair – worth EUR 1000.
• MEET THE BRAND: Private welcome drink with the Linda Farrow and the Key of Aurora Team at their Boutique in Mount Street.
• PRIVATE SHOPPING EXPERIENCE: Dime tour through the Linda Farrow historic collections.


Established in 1970, the Linda Farrow brand of luxury eyewear rose quickly to acclaim amongst stylish Londoners and the international jet set. Originally a fashion designer herself, Linda Farrow was one of the first to treat sunglasses as fashion, producing collection after cutting-edge collection, her ¬finger always on the pulse of the times. A tireless experimenter, Farrow pioneered many of the shapes and styles that remain au courant today. Farrow’s relentless pursuit of luxury, innovation and cutting edge design continue to mark the brand almost forty years on.

With a steady stream of coverage in the world’s most prestigious fashion publications, frequent celebrity sightings (on the likes of Rihanna, Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen, Beyonce, Miranda Kerr, and Charlize Theron to name but a few) and exciting collaborations on the way, Linda Farrow’s fashion-forward pace shows no signs of abating.


The worldwide first multi-label retailer for personalised luxury items.

Key of Aurora is a multi-label retailer offering products from brands with savoir-faire. With a few clicks, people can customise the products to their individual specification and let them manufacture exclusively for them. Engraving or embossing of Initials is just one of the various options customers can choose from.

The online store launched in November and wants to invite 25 new brands throughout 2014.

“The positive feedback is overwhelming” says the founder of the company Nadine Benedick. “Our brands have an increasing demand of bespoke requests but no time to set up such an online tool. With Key of Aurora we basically just fill the gap by providing the technology that enables customers to find and so order bespoke luxury items from anywhere in the world.”

“We strongly believe the product co-creation, product quality and exclusive real-life service is what defines luxury. Key of Aurora is the one online destination where people can find high-quality brands that offer products for personalisation.”


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