TV Eyeglasses

If you can believe this, there is a World Television Day which is celebrated November 21! Celebrating this eventful and ad- filled day we are featuring Pop Culture TV Set Sunglasses for your viewing pleasure.

Promoting TV watching and thus ad’s in December  of 1996 the United Nations General Assembly proclaimed 21 November as World Television Day. This was the month the first World Television Forum was held in 1996.

The first TV Sunglasses what we could find was this A.C. Gilbert Toy sunglass, circa 1960. A.C. Gilbert at one time was one of the biggest toy companies in the US and is know for their biggest hit, the Erector Set.

Ac Gilbier Toy TV Sunglasses
A.C, Gilbert Toy TV Sunglasses

If you love this style you can still get it from Oliver Goldsmith. The 1960’s TV Set Sunglasses featuring the giant antennas you used to see on every rooftop. Available in Big Screen brown and white.

1960's Oliver Goldsmith
1960’s Oliver Goldsmith

We can always rely on Pop Culture designer Jeremy Scott’s via Linda Farrow to come up his whimsical version of TV Eyewear. From 2012, include a small rabbit ear simile of an antenna that was on every TV set, not just rooftops. Available in tortoise and in black. You can find these in some online stores.

Jermey Scott 2012
Jeremey Scott 2012