WooDone, Made in South Tyro,  brand presents its new eco friendly sunglass collection with a special Flip-Flop two-color lacquered finish in violet and green/yellow. WooDone never stops innovating and surprising. The brand, which hails from Varna (Bressanone, northern Italy) is back with something completely new for eyewear: a special lacquered finish in two color variations that adds color to the frame while “maintaining the naturalness of wood and therefore the essence of the brand.”

Flip-Flop is not a color but a  lacquered finish  which, when applied to the wood, gives the sunglasses an extremely cool  colored  effect. The Mirrored lens treatments were chosen because they ‘stand out under the light’, becoming almost iridescent making this a trend look that’s perfect for the summer.

Handcrafted from a piece of wood made of eight layers of chipboard (from recycled wood certified as originally coming from trees in Alto Adige) WooDone frames are a masterpiece of artisan skills. Available in three variations – acacia, cherry and walnut – they are the result of very meticulous, high quality workmanship: and incredibly light, weighing just 13 grams.
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