outdoor_tv_sponsorships_HRWiley X®, Inc. will once again be featured prominently on some of America’s top outdoor-related television programming in 2014, both in terms of sponsorships and its products being featured in use during exciting fishing, hunting, shooting and outdoor action.

“We continue to build strategic partnerships with top outdoor programs — specifically, the types of shows that highlight our unique brand of Absolute Premium Protection for the Great Outdoors,” said Myles Freeman, Jr., Co-Owner of Wiley X.  “Our glasses provide the sharp, clear vision outdoorsmen need to perform, with battlefield-proven eye protection that stands up to challenging conditions and environments.   These shows help us reach millions of sportsmen and women with the Wiley X message.  Even more importantly, they show our products in exciting, real-world outdoor situations and activities,” added Freeman.

In 2014, Wiley X will continue its relationship with Mark Davis’ Big Water Adventures and will be front-and-center as Davis uses his sharp vision and years of fishing experience to chase tough fresh and saltwater gamefish in exciting locales.  Wiley X will also sponsor the second season of Jack Link’s Major League Fishing, a unique tournament-style show matching 24 of the world’s best professional anglers.   Designed to push these anglers’ skills and adaptability to the limits, this show is a great match for the versatility of Wiley X sunglasses.  Wiley X will also be seen on Mid West Outdoors Magazine Television, an offshoot of the popular magazine that has been bringing important knowledge and fishing action to outdoor enthusiasts since 1967.

Those who like their fishing action fast and furious can tune into to Extreme Fishing Adventures and catch Wiley X shades on Capt. Jimmy Nelson and other fishing pros as they take on the biggest, baddest inshore and offshore gamefish around the world.   To reach the legions of avid fishermen who seek up-to-date angling information online, Wiley X also sponsors Reel Time by Florida Sportsman, the hottest fishing report show on the web.

Wiley X is equally active in sponsoring shows that bring exciting outdoor, shooting and hunting action to people across the nation.  The TV show Dropped places brothers Chris and Casey Keefer into the wilds where they use their skills, willpower and limited supplies to survive extreme situations.  Realtree’s NASCAR Outdoors combines the excitement of outdoor action with an “off the track” look at top drivers as they pursue their passion for the outdoors.  Among the drivers to be featured on this unique hunting show are top Wiley X-sponsored racers Matt Kenseth, Kevin Harvick® and others.

Wiley X also sponsors Majesty Outdoors, a show whose mission is to provide an opportunity for “fatherless” teenagers to experience the majesty of God’s great outdoors, giving them a message of hope, trust, and the beauty of nature while treating viewers to exciting hunting and fishing action.  Wiley X also sponsors three compelling shooting-related television shows, reaching even more of its “target” audience through shows like Ammo & Attitude, a women-only outdoor competition show that highlights women with superior grit, survival skills and outdoor abilities.  Another show sponsored by Wiley X, The Right Stuff, is a men-only outdoor reality show that pits “Alpha Males” against each other in a variety of outdoor disciplines and military-style skills — until only one winner left standing.

For hardcore shooting sports enthusiasts, Wiley X also sponsors Trigger Time TV, a show that brings together firearms professionals from across the U.S. to provide viewers with the highest levels of firearms information and training.  This unique show is as educational as it is entertaining.

To learn more about Wiley X’s full line premium protective eyewear models for fishing, hunting, and the great outdoors — visit Wiley X, Inc. at 7800 Patterson Pass Road, Livermore, CA 94550 • Telephone: (800) 776-7842 • Or visit online at www.wileyx.com.