Top Wiley X Pros Edwin Evers and Skeet Reese Rely on Wiley X’s Protection and Visual Acuity, Finish 2nd and 3rd in Tight Race for 2010 Toyota Tundra Angler of the Year

Wiley X Winners In Pro Fishing and Angling

It takes a lot of angling skill, determination and energy just to make it to the end of the season in the tough sport that is professional bass fishing — much less finish among the best in the business. It also takes serious eye protection and a superior ability to “read the water” under a full range of conditions and environments. This is precisely why members of Wiley X’s team of professional anglers are consistent, proven winners season after season.

The 2010 professional bass fishing season was fiercely competitive, with the battle for Toyota Tundra Bassmaster Angler of the Year going right down to the wire. At the end of the 2010 Bassmaster Elite Series Postseason — which wrapped up July 31 in the Montgomery, Alabama River Region — Wiley X fishing pros Edwin Evers and Skeet Reese finished in Second and Third Place, respectively, in the final Angler of the Year standings. This powerful bass-angling tandem finished the 2010 regular season with Reese in the #1 slot and Evers #2 heading into the Elite Series Toyota Trucks Championship Week, a series of “playoff” fishing tournaments to crown the Angler of the Year from among the top 12 bass fishermen in the world. This year was particularly impressive for Reese, having finished a record-setting regular season on the Bassmaster Trail with the highest points total in Elite Series history — 6 top 5 finishes and two wins. Reese also finished 2010 as #1 in BassFan.com’s World Ranking of professional bass anglers (including both Bassmaster and FLW tournament pros). This season also marked the successful introduction of Wiley X’s first “pro athlete signature” model, the Skeet Reese Signature Model Xcess. This pair of fishing sunglasses has become coveted by anglers across the United States and the world, due in large part to Reese’s championship reputation and angling exploits.

While the final result wasn’t what these ultra-competitive athletes had hoped for, the significance of their achievement cannot be denied. And the same can be said for Wiley X. To have two anglers qualify for the playoffs — much less end the regular season as the #1 and #2 seeds — speaks volumes about the quality of Wiley X’s polarized protective eyewear. Both of these top anglers have come to rely on the OSHA-grade eye protection Wiley X provides against flying hooks and heavy jigs, as well the ability to see the fish and bottom structure in ever-changing conditions on the water. In fact, Wiley X is the only premium sunglass manufacturer that has official ANSIZ87.1-2003 high velocity and high mass impact standards certification on its entire product line.

These anglers weren’t the only top fishing pros benefitting from the protection and “fishing vision” of Wiley X. Renowned pro anglers Stephen Browning and Boyd Duckett ended the 2010 Bassmasters regular season in the Top 25 — Browning at #21 and Duckett at #25. As members of the Wiley X Fishing Team, Browning and Duckett have long relied on Wiley X to help them win and make the hard life of professional bass fishing easier on their eyes.

Wiley X also helped top Bassmaster pros Jared Lintner and Tim Horton finish the regular season at #38 and #51, respectively, no small feat given the caliber of competition, the tough schedule and the challenge of fishing different waters around the country. Wiley X Pro Jeremy Starks finished the year among the world’s Top 100 bass anglers.

“Having four members of our Pro Fishing Team finish the 2010 regular season in the Top 25 — and all seven members in the Top 100 — is an impressive achievement,” said Wiley X Inc. President Myles Freeman, Jr. “We’re very proud of all the anglers we work with and the role our product plays in their success on the water,” added Freeman.

As a winner of the 2009 Bassmaster Classic and former Toyota Tundra Bassmaster Angler of the Year, Reese knows the importance of protecting his eyes throughout a full season of hard days on the water. This is why he and other members of the Wiley X Pro Fishing Team trust their vision to the company that supplies protective eyewear to U.S. armed forces in action around the world. They also recognize the role Wiley X’s quality polarized lenses play in many of the most successful bass fishing techniques. The ability to eliminate glare, see suspended fish and read bottom contour is critical when fishing beds, pitching lures under docks and overhangs, or working submerged weedlines.

After coming so close to ultimate victory in 2010, Evers, Reese and the rest of the Wiley X Pro Fishing Team will be extra motivated to succeed next season. They’ll have their eyes on the future and Wiley X to protect them every step of the way.

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