ANSI Z87-Certified Protective Eyewear Part of Outlined Equipment for Workers
Wiley X Gasket

Workers rushing to participate in oil spill response efforts are currently undergoing OSHA-required training to prepare them to safely contend with the disaster in the Gulf. OSHA has determined that those working to clean up the spill must wear OSHA-rated protective gear, including sunglasses, and has outlined strict guidelines regarding the types of eyewear worn in this dangerous work. Wiley X Eyewear has been providing high performance protective eyewear for decades, and its polarized models, Climate Control and new Safety Series have been much in demand for the toxic environment faced by these individuals — who now number more than 35,000.

Depending on the type of work and environment, OSHA cautions workers that they will be facing hazards like potential eye injuries from dust, insects, flying debris, oil droplets and other airborne chemicals during the cleanup efforts. OSHA also recommends precautions like safety glasses that must have an ANSI Z87 mark on the lenses or frames in order to protect the eyes from chemical exposure. As a matter of fact, in all 16 oil spill response and cleanup tasks that OSHA has identified, it is required that safety glasses or goggles be worn.

Wiley X’s entire line of eyewear has ANSI-approved lenses and frames — in fact, all lenses are made from shatterproof Selenite™ Polycarbonate — the most impact resistant material on the planet. Wiley X’s polarized models like the Xcess, Scissor and Hydro provide cutting-edge polarized lens technology, which ensure 100% polarization to 100% UVA/UVB protection —
to protect from eye strain and damage from the sun. Wiley X’s Climate Control™ series includes models such as the new Rout as well as the popular AirRage, Brick and Jake, and come with the company’s patented Facial Cavity™ Seal technology. The Wiley X Climate Control series has a patented, removable, soft foam Facial Cavity Seal for both long-term comfort and unparalleled protection against flying debris, wind and dust. The series’ Top Down™ Ventilation System ensures comfort and prevents fogging, perfect for the hot, humid weather and long hours in the sun that the cleanup efforts require.

The new Wiley X Safety Series includes several goggle-style eye protection systems,
MIL-SPEC glasses that combine all day wearing comfort with full facial coverage. Plus, most Wiley X’s feature frames that are prescription ready, so wearers can incorporate their own prescriptions into the lens without needing additional eyewear to fall within the
OSHA requirements.

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