ANSI Certified Eyewear Meets All Safety Standards

Quality eyewear has gotten exponentially more sophisticated over the years, with options that provide advanced protection against UVA/UVB rays and lenses and frames that can protect both the eye and the face. Savvy consumers are becoming more educated about what kind of glasses they buy — whether it’s just to stay safe and look good at the beach, or for more rigorous and high risk activities like on-the-job safety, motorcycle riding, hunting, fishing, shooting sports and tactical applications. That’s when making the call about what you trust to stand between you and hazards that can damage you and your eyesight is mission critical. The benchmark for protection in this class is the renowned ANSI Z87.1-2003 standard — only glasses certified to this rigorous requirement are allowed to have the official Z87 marked on the product. So, if you don’t see that inscription, you’re not seeing a certified product, and chances are, your eyes are not fully protected.

Look For the Mark Of Safety

Veteran-owned and operated Wiley X Eyewear has been making trusted eyewear solutions for everyone from the fashion forward to the front line for more than 20 years. While the company is trusted all over the planet to provide the ultimate in ballistic protective eyewear for military, industrial, motorcycle, pro anglers, shooters, top motorsport teams and other high performance athletes and individuals, Wiley X is also the only premium performance eyewear company whose entire line of lenses and frames is certified to the coveted ANSI Z87.1-2003 standard. The mark of this certification is found on the lenses, frame and temples of every pair of Wiley X glasses, proving that the product is officially certified to this demanding set of parameters — as opposed to merely “meeting” the standard by undergoing tests that emulate it, as claimed by some manufacturers. There’s a big difference — to earn this official safety certification, both Wiley X frames and lenses must withstand the weight of a 1.1 lb. pointed projectile dropped from a height of 50” — with the lens intact and frame attached. Plus, ANSI requires that both frames and lenses stand up to the impact of a .25” diameter steel ball traveling at 150 feet per second.

Wiley X’s commitment to rigorous safety has helped the brand gain acceptance in the most diverse suite of applications possible — for use where authentic protection, backed up by authentic certification — is the only choice. From on-the-job safety in hazardous environments to keeping motorcyclists safe and seeing clearly on the roughest roads, Wiley X is trusted to back up its claims. For the workplace, ANSI Z87.1-2003 certification is required for any eyewear to qualify as OSHA grade occupational personal eye protection. Any other eyewear, even if accompanied by claims of “meeting” or “tested” to ANSI Z87.1-2003 standards without the certification and authorized marking on frame and lens is non-compliant personal protective equipment (PPE) and subject to fines in facilities that require it, not to mention putting the workers who use it at incredible risk.

The rules of the road are changing as well. Departments of Transportation (DOTs) in 36 states now require eye protection that must be manufactured in conformity with the regulations established by ANSI – Z87.1, making the rules for protective eyewear commensurate with the stringent requirement for helmets.

Wiley X is no stranger to the world’s toughest certifications and standards — having
recently achieved ISO 9001:2008 certification and launching lines like the new Wiley X Saber Advanced shooting system that meet ANSI Z87.1-2003 high velocity standards and
MIL-PRF-31013 military ballistic standards. The affordable line has a 3.0mm thick lens, making it the thickest, most durable lens in the tactical eyewear industry for the best value ($38 MSRP for the single lens package). Like all Wiley X eyewear, the lenses are made of scratch-resistant and shatterproof Selenite™ polycarbonate, and are backed up with the company’s signature High Velocity Protection™ (HVP™) to present an unencumbered field of view.

Whether you’re playing hard or facing threats in the line of duty, experts say that some 90% of eye injuries could be avoided by wearing the proper eyewear — so why take a chance on products that can’t stand up to the dangers in any environment? Look for the official mark of distinction that proves that your eyewear has officially stood up to the toughest tests possible.

To learn more about Wiley X’s ANSI certification — or the company’s full line of high performance eyewear — visit Wiley X Eyewear at 7800 Patterson Pass Road, Livermore, CA 94550 • Telephone: (800) 776-7842 • Or visit online at www.wileyx.com. For updates on Wiley X pro athletes and events, find us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/wileyxeyewear.


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