World Dragon Day is October 7- this is a Global Holiday with a whole event calendar and Facebook Page. According to The World Dragon Day website, Dragon are real and their mission is to place in harmony the earth and humans. Whether or not you believe in dragons, love mythical characters or just want to have Shades that defy Slayers, we found several looks that we are sure Dragon Lover will love.

From Custom Frames, these Dragon rimless eyeglasses can most likely be make in any shape. The Dragon Temples include a pointy tail temple. Can you imagine having a conversation with a person with a dragon staring at you?

If you find these vintage Anglo American Dragon sunglass, how cool would that be. Reminds of the Loch Ness Monster, which could be a giant snake or a dragon.

The Coco Song eyewear collection always has an Asian influence. This Dragon accent was from a

In 2008 Jean Paul Gaultier created a limited edition Dragon Eyeglasses, that is so rare, we cannot find a decent image. These were found on ebay (Sold)