October is National Adopt a Dog Month. This is the month to treat yourself and adopt or rescue a dog. Whilst there are a few Dog themed Eyeglasses , we found a new Dog Gone It look by Italian Eyewear company Ottica Urbani.

This look is nothing to howl at, a square shape with an adorable paw in the corner. Made with Mazzucchelli Zyl and coming in four color combinations. We love it.







  1. […] Ottica Urbani is an optical shop in Venice, Italy. Established in 1952 they offer full collections of hand-crafted eyewear and sunglasses. But as Eyewear Afficiandos we would be hard pressed to find just one style from the myriad of choices: bespoke, wood, horn, folding sunglasses and of course our favorite and fun kitsch look. […]

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