It is that time again, when we spring forward in the United States. March 12 is the big day to lose that extra hour of sleep. Twice a year we scour the internet for appropriate and timeless eyewear to wear for this event. Watch out!  We found it from what looks like a fairly new company out of Italy. Time Shades is a 13 piece collection that merges watches and eyewear, two very important and crucial accessories.

There are two styles, one in which an acetate base is used with an embedded watch face and a Rolex inspired temple.  The other style is stainless steel face and temples.

Time Shades-Bluefire

Time Shades-Blackdust

Time Shades-Invisible

Time Shades-STainless

Red Sunset
Red Sunset

Both styles are round with our without mirrored lenses. We love the cool look and have never seen anything like this before.