Vuzix Eyewear ROCHESTER, N.Y., Sept, 2014 Vuzix® Corporation (OTCQB: VUZI), a leading supplier of Video Eyewear and Smart Glasses in the consumer, commercial and entertainment markets, is pleased to announce today the release of “OS 2.0”, the next generation of its software platform for the award winning M100 Smart Glasses. Taking into account feedback from hundreds of developers and key customers, OS 2.0 is not just a facelift but a complete overhaul to almost every aspect of the M100 Smart Glasses software. From the kernel, to basic user interfaces, to new available services, to a completely revamped partner device manager application, practically every aspect of the M100 Smart Glasses has been improved.

A centerpiece of OS 2.0 is a new and intuitive user interface that includes integrated Nuance voice control for immediate voice recognition with built in “voice help” (no internet required), integrated gesture recognition, and Android standardized button controls. Fundamental to the new user interface is the redesigned M100 desktop/launcher which is now built on a carousel style “desktop” as opposed to a conventional 2D array of applications. The M100’s carousel seamlessly integrates with the new Manager application running on the smartphone or other supported partner devices. OS 2.0 also offers significantly improved power and processor speed management for longer battery life and better thermal performance. These improvements allow navigation through apps and commands more efficiently and allows for processor intensive applications like augmented reality to have better performance by most measures. OS 2.0 also has a new developer SDK and supports Bluetooth 3.0 enabling BLE for both hands-free phone connectivity and streaming music over Bluetooth from the phone. OS 2.0 offers extended user support with integrated Over-The-Air (OTA) updates for easy access to future OS releases.

“As a leader in the wearable technology space, offering the best solutions in this bourgeoning market is critical.  We have listened to our customers and OS 2.0 is a big step forward to addressing the many unique issues wearable display technologies face.  OS 2.0 has a growing set of APIs (Application Programing Interfaces) optimized for smart glasses that allow developers access to critical features like streaming video, advanced camera controls, resident voice and gesture control, within their applications. In addition, the M100’s locally resident implementation of Nuance voice control doesn’t require the internet to work and can support over 40 different languages. These features make our smart glasses more powerful and efficient than ever before. From the end user to the application developer, users will find the M100 running on OS 2.0 faster and easier to use than ever before,” said Paul Travers, President and CEO of Vuzix.

The M100 OS 2.0 is for immediate release and as such will be included in all future M100 shipments. Existing users can download OS 2.0 and update their current M100 Smart Glasses at

The Vuzix M100 Smart Glasses are the world’s first commercially available hands free display and wearable computer designed for the enterprise users. The M100 contains a virtual display with an integrated camera and a powerful processing engine, running the Android® OS to wirelessly connect via Bluetooth or WiFi directly to most standard networks or to a smartphone or other compatible device. The M100 is designed to run applications in standalone operation or connected to the internet, and works with thousands of existing applications with many more native applications in development. Enterprise applications where the M100 plays a practical role are in a number of industries including medical, retail, industrial, and in a variety of situations, ranging from warehousing, airports, hospitals and more. Vuzix recently announced that it began shipments of its M100 Smart Glasses into China through a partnership with Lenovo. The wearable product offering co-branded as a Vuzix/Lenovo solution is based on the new OS 2.0 core and is being sold across China as part of Lenovo’s New Business Development (NBD) brand.

About Vuzix Corporation

Vuzix is a leading supplier of Video Eyewear and Smart Glasses products in the consumer, commercial and entertainment markets. The Company’s products include personal display and wearable computing devices that offer users a portable high quality viewing experience, provide solutions for mobility, wearable displays and virtual and augmented reality. Vuzix holds 39 patents and 10 additional patents pending and numerous IP licenses in the Video Eyewear field. The Company has won Consumer Electronics Show (or CES) awards for innovation for the years 2005 to 2014 and several wireless technology innovation awards among others. Founded in 1997, Vuzix is a public company (VUZI.QB) with offices in Rochester, NY, Oxford, UK and Tokyo, Japan.

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