Boston, March 2015 – Adlens® has announced the official launch of its much anticipated, world-leading Variable Power Optics (VPOTM) eyewear, AdlensFocuss™. Working with over 150 eyecare professionals in select states, eyecare patients will be able to receive their own custom pair starting in June 2015.

Adlens Focuss in Pink

AdlensFocuss offers Precision Vision on Demand, and is a remarkable achievement in engineering, style and user-focused design. The patented technology provides 4x more viewable area at near, intermediate and distance than the best freeform progressive lens. A “Consumer Presbyope” study by Gfk Roper found that 37% of Americans over 40 wear progressive lenses, and of this 54 million-strong group, 6 in 10 were not wholly satisfied with their eyewear, and 2 in 10 were actively searching for alternatives – though no true alternative was available. AdlensFocuss is the alternative patients are searching for.

Adlens Focuss

Variable Power Optics technology was successfully tested with eyecare patients through a 4-month trial with LensCrafters towards the end of 2014, as CustomFocussTM. Strong responses validated the technology, aligning with expectations and previous observations of the market.

Adlens Focuss

88% of customers stated they would be buying another pair as their next eyewear, while 96% commented that their overall vision with AdlensFocuss was good, great, or perfect. One customer commented, “[AdlensFocuss] have a high-end style and are nicer than my [other] glasses”. Another said, “I love the large field of view”, while still another remarked, “a huge improvement over… bifocals and [progressives]”.


David Eichelberger, Senior Vice President at Adlens, commented, “We couldn’t be happier that eyecare patients have responded to our technology just as we expected – and in many cases, even better than that. We’re all about learning from the patient, and want to keep developing the experience for customers and ECPs as AdlensFocuss goes out through this first wave. We know patients from across the US are going to want to get on board with a real alternative to progressive lenses.”

High acuity and unmatched viewable area for all distances is achieved by simply turning a dial. The fashion-forward frame design is also not compromised by an obvious display of the adjustable function; rather, the dial and complete VPO system are hidden within the frame. AdlensFocuss is available to select eyecare professionals now, with delivery of product to patients in June.

About Adlens

Co-founded in 2005 in Oxford, England by businessman and philanthropist James Chen, Adlens is the global leader in adjustable focus eyewear. Its highly skilled team of engineers, eyecare professionals and designers has developed a completely new category of vision correction. Adlens is a commercial business with a social soul. Vision for a Nation® is the innovative foundation partnered with Adlens that runs a charitable programme, aiming to provide universal access to eyewear one nation at a time, starting in Rwanda.