Video of Alex Carriles, the first patient to pick up his Google Glass prescription as he states his passion for the product, featured on Vision Corner’s website.

The professionals at Vision Corner, a Houston-based optometry practice, are excited to announce the firm’s new venture with Google Glass. Vision Corner recently became the first practice in the nation to become part of the Google Glass Explorer program, which gives customers the option to take home their own Google Glass device through a set of frames and lenses that match their prescriptions.

Vision Corner’s first patient to pick up a pair of Google Glass frames was entrepreneur Alex Carriles, who says, “It was a great experience, really friendly and it was really nice to be able to learn more about [Google Glass].” A video of Alex Carriles picking up his Google Glass prescription as he states his passion for the product is featured on the Vision Corner website.

For now, Google Glass is only offered to customers who sign up through the Explorer program, but most of those signups have come online through Google itself. Vision Corner now provides people with the option of getting their prescription Google Glass lenses right inside an actual eye doctor’s office.

Google Glass boasts a number of advantages for its wearers and can perform nearly all the same functions as a mobile device while having the benefit of being hands-free. Dr. Sophia Barnes, the owner and CEO of Vision Corner, says she’s eager to see what changes await the telemedicine industry as Google Glass begins to rise in both popularity and accessibility. But Barnes is also excited about the possibilities Google Glass opens up for eye doctors themselves in terms of typical patient care.

“Let’s say a patient comes in and has a little mole on the outside of their eyelid,” Barnes explains in a video featured on Vision Corner’s website. “I could take a picture with Google Glass, instantaneously send it to a doctor who’s also wearing Google Glass, and they can send me back instant feedback.”

Barnes and other Vision Corner employees have had the privilege of working with Google as part of the Explorer program in order to fine tune the product before its wide-scale launch. Barnes says she applauds Google for its efforts in testing and assuring the quality of Google Glass before it becomes available to the public.

Vision Corner is located in Houston, TX at 5000 Westheimer Suite 590. Visit to learn more about the company’s venture with Google Glass or call (713) 623-2000.