Did you know that Via Spiga was named after a shopping district in Milan? Founded in 1985 Via Spiga became known for their fine Italian leather shoes and quickly branched out globally with shoes and accessories.

Via Spiga eyewear is distributed by Zyloware who launched the eyewear collection in 2013. The 2016-17 eyewear collection closely mirrors Via Spiga accessories with leather-like patterns and textures and detailing.

This full rim metal eyeglass comes in a flattering modified oval shape, enhancing feminine features. Colors: Black (500) has a satin black front, brown temples embellished with a subtle crosshatch pattern and temple tips featuring cognac pearl confetti. Brown (560) has a bold violet temple that will immediately draw attention to the wearer’s eyes.

Via Spiga Elisa_560_tmpl

VS Elisa_560

VS Elisa_500


Walking the line between retro and modern in the Via Spiga Ofelia. This full rim, zyl frame is a stylish rectangle shape with a unique twist in each of the two colors. Black (500) features a solid black outside front with crystal clear inside and blonde tortoise temples that really pop. Navy (770) has a blue pearl marble pattern on the outside and solid inside. The Navy/blue pearl marble combo is continued onto the temples for a show-stopping look.

VS Ofelia_500

VS Ofelia_500_tmpl