Singapore: Eye-Biz announced the launch of Vertlite, an eco-friendly eyewear brand. Vertlite means “Green lite” in French – liking and caring for the environment. Wastes are accumulating, nature resources are depleting. All this happens because of the human  behavior towards the Nature. At Vertlite, they recognize the importance towards caring for the Nature, making the world we live in a better environment.

Vertlite is operated by a group of environmentalist that strives to create eyewear that cares for the nature. All their eyewear is made from recycled eyewear waste (Titanium and Acetate). All materials used are RoHS compliance.


The Vertlite Collection

The Vertlite eyewears are designed by awards winning designers from Eye-Biz. Their eyewear has been worn by famous artiste like Joe Perry from Aerosmith, Korean singer Lee Ji hoon, famous KPOP group S the One etc.

Though produce from recycled waste, Vertlite ensures that the quality of our eyewear are not compromised. All our eyewear undergoes stringent quality and material check before it is shipped out. The nose pads on the eyewear are also adjustable to provide a more comfortable fit.

The Vertlite Message

At Vertlite, they are not only promoting green eyewear, they are appealing to all to embrace a green lifestyle. “Reduce, Reuse and Recycle” is the message that they want to convey. Embrace this message and make the earth a healthier place for all of mankind.

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