New York City (April, 2015) – Velvet is the first company and brand to educate female consumers of the association between UV and crow’s feet, fine lines, and the effects of aging in and around the eyes caused by the environment. Since March 2014 with the announcement of the {BB} LensTM”, Velvet has been on a mission to educate woman about the value of UV protection.

A staggering 47% of all women do not think they need sunglasses. But they do. Most do not realize that wearing sunglasses daily can be more powerful than using UV creams. Velvet is the first sunglass brand to claim that good sunglass lenses help slow down the aging process in and around the eyes by blocking UV, and heat.

Velvet Beauty Block {BB} lenses are made specifically to address these issues. They are designed and manufactured with the female wearer in mind. Wearing Velvet Sunglasses daily with our featured {BB} Lenses can slow down the appearance of crow’s feet, fine lines, and all the negative effects of aging in and around your eyes caused by your environment, especially harmful UV.

Building on the Vision Council 2014 Report Picture This: A Lifetime of UV Eye Protection, Velvet founder Cindy Hussy feels that it is imperative to include education about the preventative value of wearing a sunglass lens that provides UV protection. The Report affirms given the harm that the sun’s rays can do to our eyes, it is essential that adults and children wear proper eye protection while outside – regardless of the season or time of day. Sunglasses continue to be the most effective tool at preventing immediate and long-term UV damage.

Velvet Eyewear

Velvet Eyewear

Velvet Sunglasses and Optical frames are designed in New York City and manufactured in Italy offering outstanding design, technology, craftsmanship, and materials. The Velvet collection embodies the style and creativity of the Founder and Creative Director, Cindy Hussey. Her inspiration comes from an ancestry of famous European painters, engravers, musicians, and designers. Cindy’s eye for detail and practical sense as an optician enable her to design luxurious eyewear with fabulous style and superior comfort. Velvet is sexy, pure, and sophisticated, yet relaxed and comfortable, specifically designed for woman. The brand encompasses iconic American fashion and culture offering inspired designs that are truly feminine and timeless. Velvet is distributed in and fine Optical Retailers across the country.



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