sports 2Do you like to do outdoor sports? That is a fun way of refreshing your body and mind, but not when you have to wear glasses. Wearing eyeglasses and sunglasses at the same time isn’t possible. Of course eyeglasses for UV protection have been invented, but that still won’t make you play outdoor basketball easier. Eye glasses can be a burden for instance, if you want to be a professional football player and your name is not Brett Favre.

When you’re running or playing tennis, the last thing you should worry about are your glasses. Although these help your vision, they can easily fall or be hit and broken, they can harm your ears or get steamy.

Did you ever think about using eye contact lenses while doing sports? It is about time you tried UV contact lenses.

The contact lens, as we all know by now, provides stable and keen vision, two things that sportsmen need on the field or on the street etc. By using lenses the danger of damaging your glasses or your nose, ears or any other kind of disturbing factor disappears. Due to the fact that the prescription contact lens is made of a water-absorbing material it will not get steamy and during the most thrilling part of the game won’t slide down on your nose like eyeglasses do.

UV radiation that penetrates the atmosphere and burns the skin also harms the eyes. People who stay outdoors for a longer time are put in twice as much danger of radiation. A UV contact lens will protect your eye from the harmful rays. They are designed to block 90% of the sun’s damaging rays, plus they are much more comfortable. Read The Full Story At the Eye Zone