Mercura in August Edition of Tyra

One of our favorite eyewear designers who create the wackiest and whimsical pieces of artistic eyewear and sunwear are the Mercura Team.

They are the creative eyewear edge for movies stars, rock stars and TV stars, well just about any celebrity. Since they don’t put a big “M’ on the side of their frames, most people wouldn’t even know who they are. If you are in New York and in the mood for fun stuff, need props or just some great eyewear, we recommend you visit them in their studio and you would be amazed at the thousands (and I mean 1000’s) of unique sunglasses that they offer. Which is why they are seen on celebrities and artists throughout the world.

To view all more, we recommend you visit them on Facebook or their blog. Anyone will be inspired and fall in love with their sense of fun and unusual styling.

Tyra Banks is the latest to utilize their eyewear both in both July and August issues of Tyra.

Tyra Banks in Mercura NY- July Issue