Recognizing that the children of today are the fashion enthusiasts of tomorrow, the OGI Kids collection gives them a head start.

Built to be as expressive as its wearer, the OK107 couples chromatic hues for a fully contrasting experience. Thinly formed stainless steel weaves a tale of persistence, yet playfulness. The OK107 comes complete with adjustable nose pads for ultimate comfort.

OK107 by OGI Kids
The OK347 embodies the ideals of change, with crystalline hues that bring an almost transparent feel to an already petite design. Pastel painting throughout the acetate reflects an innocent charm the OK347 fully embodies.
OK347 by OGI Kids
The OK348 comes to the Kids collection with a small, but mighty sense of vigor. The slimly fitted frame brings a simple color skew along the face, but a more patterned element can be see atop the brow. Built tough from our premium acetate material, the OK348 exceeds expectations.
OK348 by OGI Kids
Hints of fruit and floral run across the OK349’s select styles, with deeply fresh color schemes. Dual pressed acetate creates high contrast along the temple and frame face, pulling this look neatly together. Clean cut and ready for its debut, the OK349 arrives.
OK349 by OGI Kids
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