Inspired by the intricate designs of fine jewelry, the new Tura eyewear styles boast Swarovski crystals, bold animal prints, a sophisticated color palette, jewelry details, and wearable, feminine shapes. The frames also feature two-tone plating and rich enameling—they are truly jewelry for the face.

“The new women’s ophthalmic styles capture the iconic American Tura brand’s classic design aesthetic and maintain the Tura heritage and reputation as a fashion leader in the eyewear market,” says Julie Allen, Senior Brand Manager for the TURA collection. “They are effortless, sophisticated, and unique without being ostentatious.”

This new release is part of Tura’s “Elements” collection, which is inspired by nature and features flora- and fauna- like details. One standout design feature is on-trend animal prints that appear on both the exterior and interior of temples.

“Remaining true to the Tura DNA, we’ve interpreted the animal trend in a jewelry-like fashion that is unique,” says Julie Allen. “By using cast molds to create the temple décor, the animal patterns are seen on both the inside and outside of the temple, making these frames look beautiful in hand as well as on the face.”

All That Glitters: Style R210

Feminine and daring, this metal-and-plastic frame features 34 inlaid Swarovski crystals, enamel, two-tone plating, and a cast animal pattern décor. Keeping in step with the brand’s jewelry inspirations, this style’s animal pattern appears on both the inside and outside of the frame. It also boasts a wearable contemporary flat metal front, soft brow line shape and Tura’s signature end tip inlaid with a glittering stone. With an integrated spring hinge specially made to enhance its design, this frame marries design with comfort. The rich color palette includes Burgundy, Brown, and Black.


R210_BLK Close up



Bold & Beautiful: Style R211

Jewelry embellishments abound on this stunning frame, the temple is a bracelet chain, which is crafted of metal and plastic with a cast animal pattern décor using two-tone plating, enamel, and 26 inlaid Swarovski crystals. It is finished with animal-patterned acetate to complement the daring design. With a flattering front shape and a soft brow line (with an uplift for a larger-size frame), this style is highly wearable. It also delivers comfort with a high- quality spring hinge and jewelry appeal with Tura’s signature end tip inlaid with a glittering stone. The classic color palette includes Navy, Brown, and Black.



R211_BRN close up


Modern Musings: Style R212

This frame turns heads with a chic cat-eye shape and a jewelry-like décor that features rich enamel, two-tone plating, an on-trend animal pattern design, and an array of Swarovski crystals. The flat metal, semi-rimless frame style is both modern and sophisticated at the same time. This feminine and bold frame also boasts comfort- enhancing spring hinges and Tura’s signature end tip inlaid with a glittering stone. The sophisticated color palette includes Burgundy, Black, brown


R212_BLK close up



About Tura Inc.:

Tura Inc. was founded in 1938 and continues to be a leading designer and distributor of fashion eyewear. Tura revolutionised the frame market in the 1940s by repositioning eyewear as a fashion accessory—as well as a medical device. Today, Tura employs over 200 people in North America. The Tura brand portfolio includes: Tura, Ted Baker, Lulu Guinness, TITANflex, Bogner, Brendel, crush, Geoffrey Beene, Humphrey’s, and oio. Tura is a member of the Eschenbach Group of Germany.