Transitions® XTRActive™ lenses – the darkest everyday photochromic lenses from Transitions Optical, Inc. – will soon be available in 1.50 Index and FT-28 bifocal designs. Introduced this year, Transitions XTRActive lenses are the ideal choice for patients who spend a lot of time in bright, sunny conditions, and who are looking for an everyday, adaptive lens that offers superior darkness outdoors in all temperatures.

Like Transitions® lenses, Transitions XTRActive lenses provide outstanding visual comfort both indoors and out, while offering automatic ultraviolet (UV) and glare protection.

Because they were developed with photochromic dyes that activate in the lower spectrum of visible light in addition to UV light, Transitions XTRActive lenses offer moderate activation behind the car windshield. They are also designed to have a slight tint indoors.

“Many consumers like having the option of a lens that gets extremely dark outdoors, and remains dark even in the hottest temperatures,” said Dave Cole, general manager, Transitions Optical. “We are pleased to expand the availability of Transitions XTRActive lenses to help our partners meet the everyday vision wear needs of even more patients.”

Transitions XTRActive lenses will be available in 1.50 Index and FT-28 bifocal designs by late October 2010. For more information about Transitions XTRActive lenses and to request a product demonstration, visit