For those who look for the ultimate in technology and style, the best choice is to pair Transitions adaptive lenses with the iconic Danish designer brand, Lindberg.

Transitions lenses brown lindberg frame_14648717580

Transitions lenses brown lindberg frame 2_14648725840

Each detail in these frames has been carefully considered and each technique perfectly mastered. This is evident in Lindberg’s broad range of new styles, with a sophisticated colour palette that ranges from tortoise shell to gradient grey. The range of lens colours from Transitions Optical compliments Lindberg’s latest collection beautifully. For example, the Graphite Green lens perfectly compliments the natural elements of Lindberg’s tortoiseshell frames appealing to those who seek quality and who want the best in eyewear technology and design.

Transitions lenses grey lindberg frame round_14648726650

Transitions lenses graphite green lindberg frame_14648715450

As pioneers in adaptive lenses, Transitions Optical offer more than ordinary clear lenses. Perfectly clear indoors and at night, Transitions light adaptive lenses react in just a few seconds when exposed to UV rays.

Transitions lenses grey lindberg frame_14648714520