Transitions Optical launches new consumer social media campaign: See life through a new lens™. Wearers and influencers to carry Transitions® brand message

seoORLANDO, Fla., Jan, 2015 – Driving consumers to trial and empowering current wearers to speak out about their experiences with Transitions® lenses is a focus for Transitions Optical, Inc. in 2015, as it rolls out its new consumer PR and social media campaign, called See life through a new lens™.

“No amount of talk can match the tangible experience of Transitions lenses. We recognize that it is hard for consumers to really understand our product until they try it,” said Patience Cook, associate director, North America marketing. “To help address this, we are exposing more consumers to Transitions lens technologies in creative ways online and in person, and are recruiting Transitions lens wearers to help articulate what it means to wear the product in an organic, grassroots way.”

In their own words, Transitions lens wearers and influencers, such as bloggers and those with high social media followings, will be speaking up about how Transitions lenses help them see life in the best light. Influencers who represent multiple areas of focus, including technology, lifestyle, fashion and the Hispanic community, will help share their unique Transitions® brand stories with core consumer audiences across the U.S.

With vibrant, colorful images showing what it’s like for someone to look through their Transitions lenses, the campaign’s creative will also help highlight the fact that Transitions lenses go beyond correction and enhance the wearer’s view.

“Having built our brand awareness for over 20 years, we are at a place where we’re not just trying to get more people aware of the brand; we are trying to get them to have a stronger connection with the brand and what wearing the lenses would mean for them,” added Cook.

One of the many influencers Transitions Optical will be working with is Sarah Evans, who has been highlighted in “Vanity Fair” as one of “America’s Tweethearts” and author of the novel, “Reframe.” Sarah was a digital correspondent for Paypal at South By Southwest® (SXSW) ’13 and is an avid eyeglass wearer. At SXSW ’15, Transitions Optical and Sarah Evans will kick-off a year-long video series “Seeing life through a new lens” , which will capture unique moments to showcase the tech and fashion benefits inherent in Transitions lenses.

“Sarah’s crossover appeal in the lifestyle, fashion and tech space will help reach a younger and more fashion forward audience through a year-long video series,” said Cook.

Further driving consumers to trial and purchase, Transitions Optical will be giving consumers more chances to try the product temporarily with the Transitions® Trial Decals™, which can be applied onto their clear lenses. The decals will be distributed at various consumer events, promoted through social media and on the web. Consumers will also continue to see and hear messages about how they can try the different options in the Transitions® family of products virtually with Transitions® Viewer™. All of these activities and messages will encourage consumers to visit their local eyecare professional and ask which Transitions lens is best for them.

About Transitions Optical
Transitions Optical is the leading provider of plastic photochromic (adaptive) lenses to optical manufacturers worldwide. Having been the first to successfully manufacture and commercialize plastic adaptive lenses in 1990, and as a result of its relentless investment in research and development and technology, Transitions Optical offers a wide variety of products, setting new standards of advanced performance to provide ever increasing visual comfort and UV protection.

Product leadership, consumer focus, and operational excellence have made the Transitions® brand one of the most recognized consumer brands in optics.

Transitions Optical has been awarded the Gallup Great Workplace Award for 2013 for the fifth consecutive year.

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