RJ 130 in Blue

Over the last year we have seen a Top Bar trend in eyewear and sunwear. The Flat-Top is back and with that more attention is being given to make distinctive top bars and the latest Randy Jackson Eyewear exemplifies that that look.

Style JR131 top bar is a slightly curved metal adornment on a round acetate eyeglass.

RJ 131 in Black
RJ 131 in Tortoise

In another look, the top bar is straight in a modified almost round shape. Style 130 comes in metal and is available in three colors. Our personal favorite is the navy blue.

RJ 130 in Blue
RJ 130 in Tortoise
RJ 130

No Top Bar Trend would be the same without the classic Flat Top look. Style RJ128 Flat top is a dramatic and chunky look.

Randy Jackson 128

Via Zyloware