In Grey

CHARMANT has relaunched their high-end men’s collection CHARMANT Z  The relaunch includes new styles featuring the strong masculine lines and high-tech innovation for which the collection is known.  Each style provides the wearer unparalleled wearing comfort thanks to the highly flexible and lightweight metal, Z Titanium.

ZT11771R Sleek, modern styling meets high-tech looks.  The floating twin bridge and dynamic three-slit temple design exude masculinity and sophistication.

Charmant Z Titanium T11771R in Black
Charmant Z Titanium T11771R in Black

ZT11791R This refined, sophisticated style features a thin textured elastomer, creating an attractive juxtaposition of edginess against the smooth, clean lines of the frame.

Charmant Titanium in Olive Green
in Grey

ZT11792R A masculine lens shape is complemented by the clean, sleek and masculine look of the temples, featuring patterned elastomer insets.

Charmant Titanium In Brown
In Brown

ZT11793R Bold and masculine, this vintage full-rim style features a block-style elastomer temple inset and masculine frame front.

Charmant In Khaki
In Khaki

ZT11794R Sharp styling and an edgy geometric block-style elastomer create a well-balanced, easy to wear frame.

Charmant ZT11794R_KH
In Khaki

ZT19821R Combining the dynamic three slit temple design and twin bridge look on a full rim, this frame is sleek and masculine to the core.

Charmant Titanium In Grey
In Grey

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