Overboard (1987)  starring Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell is one of my favorite movies of all times. Like a Pretty Woman in reverse,with Kurt Russell playing the part of a hard working, single father and Goldie Hawn, the spoiled rich kid. There were many memorable and funny pieces in this, but most memorable were the sunglasses worn by Goldie Hawn.

goldie_hawn Mikli- overboarfd

I do not know for sure whether these were Alain Mikli, but he did start this look, which was very popular and would have gone viral back in the day. There was No Internet at the time, but every other sunglass company knocked this off.


goldie hawn-overboard- Alain-Mikli
Alain Mikli

This also looks like a vintage Alain Mikli, as very few American companies were producing that radical of eyewear design.

goldie hawn- overboard- red glasses