The result of important technical and visual research, the WAVE frames have a fluid and light design, as if they were in movement. The modern and graphic style of the fronts is obtained by folding and colouring thin strips of stainless steel ribbons, which criss-cross and are fixed to the lug on semi-rimless frames equipped with spring hinges.

2856 by JF Rey

Always very talented when it comes to exploring new creative ways, Jean-François Rey continues his research on coloured metal and launches the WAVE concept: 3 semi-rimless stainless steel shapes, impressive balance, technicality and creativity.

2857 by JF Rey

The style of the collection is driven by the architectural geometry of the top, which is the focus of attention and attracts all eyes. Each stainless steel piece is folded and coloured separately, by hand, in a precise, clean, and efficient technical manner. The assembly of the pieces on the lug of the frames is studied to create a graphic effect that is visually powerful.

2858 by JF Rey

Design and colours harmonize in an elegant minimalist spirit and give the collection its singular visual strength,its unique character. More than an optical frame, Jean-François Rey creates here a truly artistic design where architecture, urbanism and art interact with harmony and intelligence.

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