The Vivarium Collection by Kirk & Kirk is inspired by Jason & Karen Kirk’s fascination with science and nature, combined with their British heritage. The frames are named after renowned scientists of the Victorian times and are all handmade in France from specially formulated acrylic, which makes them lightweight and comfortable to wear.

The collection includes two finishes; a luxury metallic and a beautiful sandblasted matte, which contrasts beautifully with the sterling silver animal pins. Each frame from the collection has a custom pin, which is available in either sterling silver or nine-carat gold handcrafted decor.

These precious metal pins are handmade in the jewelry district of Birmingham, England, and their 3D aspect gives a subtle and unique identity to the Vivarium Collection. As well as the fly and the lion pins that have established themselves as firm favorites, a ram, stallion, Springer Spaniel, cobra, alligator or simple a classic pin are also available.

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