LIsbon in Black Fade

We women most likely have the same classic little black dress. That is the dress we have had for years, can pull out, dress it up or dress it down. My basic little black dress could be the ‘traveling’ dress, as it has been loaned out, been all over the world and attended many events.

The Little Black Glass is the same, it is the classic look that can be dressed up or down, worn for any occasion and for years to come. We pulled out a ‘Little Black Dress’ from the Ellen Tracy eyewear collection, that is the perfect look to be carried year to year.

Classic: Squarish with accent on the upper front and dressy detailing on the temples. Day to evening look.

Shima in Black

Classic: Slight uplift shape. Best look is daytime or casual evening.

Perth in Black

Classic: Heavy black front with marbled temples. The look is trend, studious, career. Wear during the day or casual evenings.

Manchester in Black

Classic: Cat eye-shape with ‘stud details’ on the front. Black gradient coloring. Day to dressy evening look.

Lisbon in Black Fade

Classic: Perfect winter look with layers of black and crystal.  Wear with any color, Day to casual evening.

Halle in Black Laminate

Classic: Thinner, lighter look that can be worn with a gauzy summer top or dress.

Albury in Black Laminate

Classic: Rimless eyewear is a look that is made for all ages. Slight uplift shape is flattering to any women. Can be worn day to evening and any event.

Quebec in Black

Via Clearvision Optical