June 8th was World Ocean Day, a very important day to bring awareness to saving our oceans which are being destroyed by humans. One of the biggest problems is the ocean is becoming plastic soup with millions of tons of plastic going into our oceans every year.

Sea Plastic-Differently

A few innovative companies such as Adidas and Karun are coming with ways to reuse Ocean Plastic into sustainable products.

Norton Point is one of those companies who is launching on Kickstarter the first Ocean Trash Sunglass through their seaplasticdifferently.com campaign. Working with Ocean Conservatory and The Plastic Bank

According to them:

  • Each sunglass eliminates 1lb of plastic from the ocean
  • 5% reinvested into ocean clean-up, awareness, and R&D for new uses
  • End of life buyback program that includes 10% off next purchase

Norton Point

More Plastic Facts:

• In 2014 the world produced 311 million metric tons of plastic By 2050, that number will grow to 1.12 billion metric tons – World Economic Forum, “The New Plastics Economy”

• 95% of plastic packing representing $80-$120 billion in value is used once. – World Economic Forum, “The New Plastics Economy”

• 32% of plastic is not collected and leaks in the nature. – World Economic Forum, “The New Plastics Economy”

• Over 80 percent of ocean plastic comes from land-based sources. – Ocean Conservancy, “Stemming the Tide 2015



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