Philippe V presents its latest offering, The Black Shadow Collection –a modern take on a classic concept. The collection showcases Philippe V’s insurgent approach to design, featuring seven new styles that the premium accessories label promises to be the Lunette Noires of the 21st century.

The Black Shadow Collection embraces the effortless edge that is reflective of the Philippe V brand. The Black Shadow collection combines matte black acetate and black rhodium plating, which is an exclusive method developed by Philippe V. The result is an avant-garde assortment, featuring a stark contrast between the acetate frames and metal detailing.

Philippe Vergez, Philippe V Founder and Creative Director, takes pride in the collection’s distinctive designs and stands by its unabashed brand philosophy. Vergez explains, “with our innovative designs and exclusive fabrication approach, the Black Shadow collection will keep its individualism amongst conformity and will navigates through the influences of mass society.”

The Black Shadow exclusive lenses were jointly developed with French Company Essilor® Sun SolutionsTM through a 12 months process to reach this hematite silver reflection on a dark lens. The lenses are Quarz TM treated (anti-scratch and durable) and have a rear eight layers of anti-reflective coating and oleophobic treatment on both sides.

The Black Shadow colorway is offered throughout five of Philippe V’s iconic styles, including the N5 and WN2, as well as two new releases such as the WN6 and the N9. The Black Shadow collection retails from $300 to $390.



Philippe V
, the creation of Philippe Vergez, was born out of the observed need of people to express  their individualism in a world where they are surrounded by globalized conformity, even as they have to exist in that world. That brand embraces authentic Anarchist values and is a direct reflection of what is buried deep inside many people: a refusal to be tamed, a desire to live an unconformed life, or if living a conformed life is necessary, to do it with a twist, with a chameleon-like grace that keeps your spirit alive. www.philippev.com

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