MetaGlasses- tech-eyewear“It will be the most powerful wearable computer,” says Meron Gribetz, Meta’s CEO. A 27-year-old former grad student in neuroscience, Gribetz is confident that Meta is leading the charge on the next big tech revolution: “There is no other future of computing other than this technology, which can display information from the real world and control objects with your fingers at low latency and high dexterity. It’s the keyboard and mouse of the future.”

For the past few years, Meta has been busy making prototypes of wearable devices, which feature see-through optics and a variety of sensor arrays. In a bid to attract early adopters and developers who aspire to design for this innovative new computing platform, they introduced the META.01 glasses and made them available for pre-order for the price of $667 per pair.