There is much speculation on the origin of eyeglasses in history.  The first pair could have been created in India or Italy, Marco Polo reportedly saw them in China in the year 1275, and Emperor Nero of Rome had even used an emerald to better view the Gladiator games in first century AD.  In the essence of brevity, glasses have been around for a LONG time, and today the world marketplace is flooded with them.

Black and White Stripes
Black and White Stripes

Selective shoppers could spend a lifetime perusing the infinite options of readily available eyewear.  Some might even find there are too MANY variables: size, shape, material, color, print, price, and warranty, being just a few.  If there is any push to make a decision to purchase a pair of frames it is the innovation that is TempleSox.  The special patented TempleSox allows wearers to change the look of their glasses by slipping on fitted fabric to the arms of the frames.  rainbow_lg_orig

This freedom to experiment, at the bargain price of $9.99, can make older glasses feel new again.   Adding some TempleSox to your glasses is much more cost effective than buying every cool frame that catches your eye.  As if that wasn’t enough to spark your interest, the TempleSox also improve the fit of your eyewear.  With so many TempleSox to choose from, including solids and prints, you will never be bored with your eyewear again.

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