There are times when eyes will develop some form of irritation or infection. In other instances, one may just wish to improve their vision by taking proper care of their eyes.

There is an alternative to visiting an optician each time a minor eye problem arises. One can opt for natural remedies to relieve various eye conditions. While there are simple conditions that can be treated at home, others will require the attention of an eye care professional.

Conditions on which natural measures can be applied:

Natural remedies for eye care can address a number of common eye problems and vision difficulty. Black eyes, pink eyes, puffy eyes, dry eyes and some forms of eye allergies are just some of the eye discomforts that can be relieved through natural means. Situations such as pepper juice entering the eyes will see natural eye care tactics deal with them.

Proper eye care:

Eye care, however, involves much more than dealing with the above mentioned eye irritations. It involves making sure that eyes do not develop infections, good vision is maintained and improved and eyes are not strained.

· Fruits and vegetables – these foods are rich in vitamin C which is perfect for the good health of eyes. Including carrots, broccoli, spinach, sweet potatoes and wild salmon in the diet is one of the simplest natural ways to take care of eyes and improve vision.

· Getting sufficient sleep is another easy and natural way to take care of both infected and healthy eyes. Sleep time gives eyes an opportunity to rest, repair worn tissues and recover from the long day. This is truly an effective eye care measure.

· Avoiding extreme lighting conditions is another simple step anyone can take to ensure their eyes are well taken care of. Reading in dim light or exposing the eyes to bright light may lead to eye irritations in case of healthy eyes and aggravate an already existing eye condition.

· Reducing the time spent watching TV and working on a computer is also good for the eyes. Constant glare at these screens causes the eyes fatigue. In addition, during this time, people do not blink and this may lead to dry eyes.

· Exercise for the eyes – eyes, like any other body part, require consistent exercise to keep them in good condition. Focusing on objects both near and far from the eyes, rolling the eyes, placing warm palms on them to provide warmth and gentle massages on the temples have been proven to be helpful exercises to eyes.

· Placing cold cucumbers on top of the eyelids a few minutes before going to sleep is a natural way of reducing eye puffiness. Cucumber properties that reduce inflammation will get rid of water retained around the eyes, effectively dealing with puffy eyes.

There are numerous benefits that accrue from the use of these eye care strategies. Apart from the fact that they are easy to administer, they are also natural.

One can get more information from an eye specialist on more natural ways to ensure proper eye care. More to this, in case the natural remedies above do not produce the required results, or certain eye conditions persist, the affected person can use their EHIC card to seek medical attention and access professional treatment.

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