Essilor® Sun Solution™ introduces a totally new communication concept: “No Ordinary Stories”. The Essilor Group division dedicated to non-prescription sun lenses has selected non-professional athletes who, through crowdfunding, have decided to realize their passion. Essilor® Sun Solution™ will support them financially and, thanks to the help of their sun brand partners supply them with the eyewear and lenses that are most appropriate for the special environments and conditions the athletes will be facing: from the race in the desert to the Arctic ice, from the Everest climb to the ocean crossing.

The selected projects will all give birth to No Ordinary Stories: videos generated by the project owner that will chronicle his/her adventures and get disseminated on his/her personal social media as well as on those of Essilor® Sun Solution™ and of its sun brand partners.

True to its motto “No ordinary sunwear for No ordinary people” Essilor® Sun Solution™ has started the season by supporting different expeditions all led by passionate people.

Christophe Mayet, VP Marketing at Essilor® Sun Solution™ Division: “Crowd Stories are user-generated videos based on real-life projects screened and pre-selected from various Crowdfunding platforms. The idea is to support no ordinary stories coming from passionate people. People are passionate. At Essilor® Sun Solution™ we help them live their passion even deeper by offering them No Ordinary Sunwear. Our first mission is to improve their lives by improving their sight and to constantly reinvent the magic of sun lenses”.
A brief overview of the projects :

Beaver Trap Trail: Marie & Régis Bernigaud are a French couple who moved to Sweden for their love of Samoyed dogs. They have trained hard to take part in their first dog sled race.
Essilor® Sun Solution™ has provided E-SUN™ VARIA™ lens technology with Julbo frames.

Marathon des Sables: Nicolas Maréchal is a French runner whose dream is to take part in one of the most grueling races in the world in the Sahara Desert. His project also has a social goal – supporting a charity that helps indigenous populations in Cambodia.
Essilor® Sun Solution™ has provided E-SUN™ KOLOR-UP™ lens technology with Uvex frames.

Women Everest Expedition: six Nepalese women want to face Mount Everest. It’s the first all-women expedition to attempt climbing Everest and aims to bring attention to the condition in which women still live in Nepal.
Essilor® Sun Solution™ has provided NXT® VARIA™ lens technology with Julbo frames.

Northwest Passage without assistance and stopover: French girl Clara Dumard with her father will try to establish the first North-West Passage by sailing in the summer of 2018. If they succeed, it will be the first reference time approved by the WSSRC on this course.
Essilor® Sun Solution™ will provide E-SUN™ POLARFUN lens technology with Costa frames.

Objectif Transjeju 50: Megan Yeung, a Chinese woman from Hong Kong, never loved sport until the stress of her daily life pushed her to reconnect with old friends and dedicate time to physical activity. After an initial competition in 2013, today she is a true running athlete. She is training to take part in TRANSJEJU (October 2018), the biggest ultra-distance trail event on the volcanic island Jeju, South Korea, through the Hallasan National Park (UNESCO World Heritage).

Crowdfunding is a new means of financing a project by eliciting small financial contributions from a large number of people. In 2015, an estimated 34 billion dollars were raised this way.

Using this original formula of collaboration, Essilor® Sun Solution™ will showcase its lenses in an out-of-the-ordinary way, reiterating its slogan No ordinary sunwear, No ordinary stories, No ordinary people!

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