Generally speaking, when maintaining eyeglasses, wearers often pay much attention to maintain the lens, and ignore the cleaning of frames. In fact, the frame is as important as the lens. Once, there are spots, dusts, smudges… on the surface of lens, we can not have a clear visual sense from the lens. This is true of the frame. For example, if the frame is loose, the focus of the lens can not level at the pupil, so then make the eye burden more seriously and eyeglasses can not play the role of correcting vision. Hence, wearers should take a good care for frame when maintaining plastic glasses.

At the bellowing, there are several tips for caring frame.

1. Use both hands to take eyeglasses off, instead of one. Generally, wearers are accustomed to take off their eyeglasses with one hand. Yet, this is a wrong habit. Because take them off with one hand can result in stretching frame out and making frame loose. So then the loose frame can influence the effect of vision correction and easily cause the eye fatigue. However, use both hands to grip the temples and push gently over ears can keep the earpieces straight and in the right alignment.

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